Woman Shares Photos Of Her Two Husbands Happily Leaving Together In The Same House

A woman who is happily married to two men and live in the same house with them has shared photos of them together while speaking about their relationship.

Kenya Stevens is in a polyamorous relationship and is open to falling in love with others though she has two husbands. One of her husbands is Rakhem Seku, a relationship coach and an author of multiple books. 

She refers to them as "Hubby 1" and "Hubby 2" and sometimes jokes about taking "Hubby 3"

She said she has been with her two "life partners" for years and they have grown kids.

Most of all three's Instagram posts shared via their respective accounts are photos of each other.

Kenya says her men get along well, fix their cars together, and do other manly things together.

She also debunked the claim that men are more sexual than women. She called it a "myth" and said women were only conditioned from childhood to subdue their sexuality. 

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