Check Out Amazing Transformation Of This Woman Who Loses So Much Weight After Leaving Toxic Relationship (Photos)

A woman underwent a massive transformation after her toxic relationship ended and she now plans to bein a beauty pageant.

Alida Elizabeth Dreyer has suffered a number of issues, including bullying at school, PCOS and a toxic relationship that shattered her self esteem.

Alida, who lives in Sydney, Australia, but is originally from South Africa, said she was bullied over her weight from a very young age and began to skip school as her mental health deteriorated.

She would self-harm and suffered from suicidal thoughts for years before being diagnosed with depression at the age of 12, she told Jam Press.

She said she gained weight steadily over ages 6 to 23. She later discovered she was suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome after struggling to conceive with her then boyfriend. 

She said the relationship was "extremely unhealthy" and she eventually left him.

Alida has now transformed her life and shed 12 stone and the weight loss helped her regain her confidence.

After her unhealthy relationship, Alida overhauled her diet and exercise routine, and also had gastric sleeve surgery in March 2017 which she says helped her to control her portion size.

Alida now follows a vegan diet and is focused on holistic and conscious eating.

After shedding the weight, Alida says she feels fantastic. She has also signed up to compete in the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) competition next year.

More photos below....

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