How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On

TruexGOLD is an online cryptocurrency exchange website where you can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies or digital currencies in units for personal use or in bulk and resell to other users at a higher rate in your locality.

The following digital and cryptocurrencies are available on Truexgold;
1. Bitcoin
2. Binary
3. PlanetOfBets
4. Payeer
5. AdvCash
6. PerfectMoney

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On

Below are the steps to buy and sell bitcoin on Truexgold.

1. Visit truexgold website, which is

2. Sign up or create an account with truexgold (Which is free). Make sure you login to your                account.

4. On your truexgold dashboard click on NGN, Then on the right side, select and click on Bitcoin.

5. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy and most importantly your Bitcoin Wallet Address        (It is advisable to copy and paste your bitcoin wallet address)

6. Make sure your personal details are correct, also type in your answer for captcha, then click on exchange...

7. Agree with the terms and conditions then click on Create Order

8. Follow the instructions on how to make payment, by sending the given amount to the specified Bank Account provided. Once your Payment has been made, click on paid. And wait for your E-mail conformation. You will be credited with bitcoin immediately.. 

Note: E-mail confirmation takes just a while...

How to Sell Bitcoin On truexgold

Bellow are the steps to Sell bitcoin on

1. Login into your truexgold account (If you are already a member). If you are not sign up or create account {which is free}

2. From your Truexgold dashboard click on Bitcoin (On the left side). Then click on Naira (On the right side)

3. Input the amount of bitcoin you want to sell.

4. Enter your Bank Account details in the field provided (e.g bank account number, account name).

5. Ensure that your personal details are correct (Input your personal details). Also type in your correct answer for captcha. Then click on Exchange.

6. Check your details to see if there are correctly inputted to avoid mistakes, thick the terms and conditions. Then click on Create Order.

7. Login to your Bitcoin wallet and make a transfer of the same amount of bitcoin you are selling out, to the Specified bitcoin address given..

8. When the transfer is done. Click on paid, and your bank account will be funded immediately after confirmation.

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