P*rn Star, Jesse Jane Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Her Boyfriend

39-year-old p*rn star, Jesse Jane has been arrested for allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face and biting his hand. 

Jane was arrested in Moore, Oklahoma on charges of domestic violence after the policemen who were called in found her boyfriend with a bleeding left eye and a bite mark on his left hand on Wednesday January 29.

Recounting how the incident occurred, Jesse's boyfriend said they were drinking the previous night after which he woke to see the famous porn star throwing his medication she claimed were steroids in the trash. He accused Jesse of attacking him after he confronted her. 

The p*rn star on her own part accused her boyfriend of picking her up by the neck and throwing her to a wall. TMZ reported that the police said they found no injuries on the adult film star's body other than a small spot of dried blood on her forehead.

She was booked on a domestic violence charge after being arrested and hauled off to Cleveland County Jail. Jesse has however been released.

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