We Might As Well Leave SARS & LIbya Slave Trade For God To Judge - Freeze Replies Singer, Obiwon

Yesterday, singer Obiwon wrote an open letter to OAP Freeze asking him to leave the battle over Tithing and its perceived mismanagement to God. In the letter, Obiwon stated that God is big enough to fight his battles and that he does not need anyone to fight for him, particularly as regards the debate on tithing. 

In his response, Freeze says the idea to leave everything for God might be a good one but that we Nigerians might just in the same vein also leave SARS and Libya's slave trade to God. Read Freeze's response below

Dear brother @obioraobiwon, 
you have spoken well and you were also very helpful to me when you worked at Fidelity bank, my bank for many years and I see you as a brother.

Leaving everything for God to judge might seem a great idea, but why limit it to this tithing issue alone? Let's leave #EndSarsand #SayNoToSlavery also for God to judge as well.

Furthermore, why wasn't Kemi OLUNLOYO's matter, (she is currently in prison) left for God to judge too? What about the MFM land matter, in court in Maryland in the U.S? Was that too hard for God to judge?

Bless you dear brother, Merry Christmas in advance and do have yourself a splendid new year! ~FRZ


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