Sonia Ogbonna To Women - Dedicating Your Entire Existence To Finding A Husband Is The Biggest Mistake

Sonia Ogbonna, wife of actor, IK Ogbonna took to her Instagram page to advice her fellow women who are desperate to get married.

According to the Colombian beauty, women need to redirect all their energy into working on themselves and achieving their goals, instead of dedicating all their entire existence to finding a husband.

Read what she wrote below...
'The biggest mistake a woman can do is dedicating her entire existence into "finding a husband". My sister,if your every outing is about desperate "husband hunting" - you need to stop. Redirect ALL THAT energy into working on yourself instead,challenge your capacities,extend your ambitions,work on achieving your goals - invest into becoming the best possible version of yourself ,into becoming a FULFILLED woman who is proud of herself. In love with herself. Find yourself first. And then HE will find YOU.. As A QUEEN ??that you are! I promise you. It's on him to recognize his own rib that is missing after all.'

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