Teacher Kicked Out Of College For Stripping N*k*d To Win An iPhone

A trainee teacher, Yvgenya S, has been kicked out of college after a video emerged of her stripping naked in order to win the latest iPhone at a nightclub

The incident happened in a town of Troitsk in central Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast region.

It reported that she didn't even win the latest iPhone but was awarded a cheaper model which was stolen from her bag that same night.

Narrating how she got into the competition Yevgenya said; "We were enjoying ourselves, drinking, then the competition began. The host started with boys, and then it was my turn."

Yevgenya said she has been in hiding since the video started to circulate.

In the video, Yevgenya is seen standing in her underpants while covering her breasts with her arms. She is later encouraged to take off the remainder of her clothes by the host

He offered to hug her so no one else could see as she pulled off her knickers while the crowd roared with excitement.

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