Residents Flock Baby Born With Healing Powers In Akure

The home of the Ajayis in Akure have been turned into a healing center, after they welcomed a baby called ‘Daddy Samuel’ who reportedly has healing powers.

According to eyewitnesses, the two-months-old baby was born with a bunch of leaves bonded by a strand of hair, and was reportedly spoke two weeks after he was born.

The baby’s father said;

Mr Olusola Ajayi, Samuel’s father, who talked about his son who he welcomed with his wife at a Comprehensive Health Centre in Akure, said;
“My wife gave birth on the 28th of August after a bunch of leaves came out of her womb and we were amazed after he began to talk, charging us to proclaim his coming to the world.”
“Two weeks later, Samuel shocked us and his three older brothers when he instructed us to proclaim his coming to the world,” Ajayi said.
Though the parents of the baby had no evidence to back up their claim, however they insisted that the baby they almost aborted due to economic hardship in the upkeep of the three boys they had before Samuel, had a miraculous birth.
Speaking to NAN correspondents on the birth of the baby, Pastor Gabriel Oluwadamilare of Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) Shalom Parish, Ikorodu, Lagos State, said that circumstances that surrounded the birth of the new born baby also happened in the Bible.
“I actually came to see the glory and I have no doubt about it. My stand is that what happened is true because nothing is impossible for God to do.
“I have come to seek spiritual solution in respect of a lady who has visited several hospitals in Lagos over bone problems in the last five years.
“There is nothing fetish about the boy coming to the world with a bunch of leaves, it is just a sign from God,” the pastor noted.
Also confirming this, one Maruf Akande a.k.a Alfa,who claimed to be the manager of the spiritual center where people are trooping in to see the miraculous baby, said he was baffled with the events surrounding the birth of the baby as no fewer than 300 people registered at the centre every day.
” The service rendered was free initially but we have started collecting a consultation fee of N500 per head with a view to reducing the crowd. yet they keep coming.
“People who need help come from far places – Lagos, Abuja and even overseas and they can testify to God’s glory.
”For instance, a woman came from Abuja with three years pregnancy but she gave birth inside a bus conveying her back to Abuja after taking sachet water given to her here.
” The baby only spoke twice and since then he has transfered the spirit to his mother who can heal anyone each time she carried the baby to her bosom.
” The whole thing started when this baby Samuel started saying after two weeks that his parents should announce his glory to the whole world,” Akande said.
Another worker at the venue, Mrs Aina Bello, said that her husband was a beneficiary of the ‘wonder boy’.
Bello said her husband was ill for six days to the extent that some hospitals rejected him since they did not have a solution to his illness.
“We just discovered that my husband collapsed, all his body system became abnormal and he was in that position for six days.
“We have spent about N45,000 in different hospitals but the situation remained the same. Even some rejected him. But thanks to baby Samuel that God used to heal my husband. Samuel’s mother just told me, having received inspiration from baby Samuel, to give him sachet water and instructed me to give alms, which I did.
To my surprise, when I did as was instructed, my husband just got healed. He can walk and do normal things now,” she said.
According to her, since no money was taken from her, she volunteered to be a worker at the center.

Another client identified as Bukola, who had a testimony to share with NAN correspondent, said she was at the venue because of her mother who had stroke. According to Bukola who said the stroke came upon her mother for a reason, said she believes her mother will be healed when attended to by baby Samuel.

It was also gathered that the birth of Samuel had also boost economic activities in the area, as Okada riders now lead people from major roads to the house. Food and beverage vendors are also making brisk business off the legion of visitors trooping in daily. The parents also confirmed receiving gifts from various men of God from both Islamic and Christian faiths .(NAN)

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