Jay-Z Comes Under Fire For Telling A 9-Year-Old Girl That America Is More Sexist Than Racist (Video)

Jay-Z is coming under fire for a statement he made during a concert.

The rapper, who is presently on tour for his 4:44 album, was performing at a concert when he paused to talk with a 9-year-old fan, and a lot of people feel his words to the child were controversial

The father-of-three told the girl: "You can be anything that you want to be when you grow up...At this very moment, America is way more sexist than they are racist. Now you, young lady, you got the potential to be the next president of the United States. You believe that. You understand?"

As he spoke, the little girl nodded her head and bounced up and down in excitement. The crowd can also be heard yelling in agreement with the rapper. But as soon as the video hit the internet, people went in on the rapper. 

Those criticising him said his words belittle the plight of people who suffer racism on a daily basis in the United States.

Watch the video below....

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