He Forcefully Put His Hand On My Crotch - Tony Montana Accuses Kevin Spacey Of S*xual Harassment

New allegations have emerged from a number of men accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct. US filmmaker Tony Montana claims he was groped by the actor in a Los Angeles bar in 2003.

It follows an allegation made by Anthony Rapp that the House of Cards actor tried to “seduce” him when he was 14 years old.

Film director Montana told Radar Online that he was in his thirties when the incident took place at the Coronet Bar in LA.

He says he removed Spacey’s hand from his crotch and walked away, but claims the actor later followed him into the men’s toilets.

Montana tells Radar:

“I went up to order a drink and Kevin came up to me and put his arm around me. He was telling me to come with him, to leave the bar. He put his hand on my crotch forcefully and grabbed my whole package.”

Montana alleges that a drunk Spacey told him:

“This designates ownership.”
Montana said:

“I put my hand down and turned his thumb back to get his hand off it. I paid for my drink and got away from him.”
But Montana says that the actor then followed him to the bathroom.

He said:

“I backed him out the door and I pushed him. One of his friends was in line and I said, ‘It’s time to take your boy home’. They all ended up leaving.”
Montana, who was in his thirties at the time of the incident, says the encounter was the last time he saw Spacey.

“I never talked to anyone about it except for therapists,” he said.
Montana said the incident left him traumatized.

“I had PTSD for six months after. It was an emasculating thing for someone to do to me. Whenever I went to the bar I would see if he was there or have my back against the wall.”
Montana says he decided to come forward after he read about similar allegations made against Spacey by actor Anthony Rapp.

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