So Sad: Mother Arrested For Burning Her Autistic Son Alive After Being Tired Of Taking Care Of Him

A 23 year old woman named Amelia Di Stasio has been arrested and charged after allegedly burning her own 4 year old son, Antonio, alive in the bathtub of their home. Amelia was arrested after fire fighters found Anthonio's charred remains in the bathtub of their apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

His arms and legs had been tied to his hands with seven belts and there was a plastic bag over his head.

Below is how the UKs Daily Mail is reporting on the crime:

Amelia Di Stasio, 23, is accused of murdering her four-year-old son Antonio (right) by setting him on fire in the bathtub of their home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Police later found Di Stasio walking down the street. When an officer approached her, she at first told him ‘lots of people look like me’, according to the report.

She then admitted to being the boy’s mother.

Neighbors said that in the days before Antonio’s death, they heard the little boy pleading: ‘Please, Mommy. Stop! I won’t do it again.’

They said Di Stasio, a single mother, told him to ‘shut up’. Others said they heard banging coming from inside the home.

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