Human Ken Doll, Justin Jedlica Spends 2 Years Developing Weird Back Implants To Make Him Look More Muscular

Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica from Los Angeles, California who garnered national attention for undergoing over 190 cosmetic procedures, spent the last two years developing his new back implants to make him look more muscular.

According to the Sun UK, the 36-year-old plastic surgery obsessive added three modifications to the ongoing list of 550 cosmetic procedures he has done. He went under the knife to remove his previous latissimus implants, replacing them with slimmed-down versions, as well as having a forehead vein.

The procedures are said to have cost him $21,000, bringing his grand total spent on his body to $560,000.

Speaking before the procedures, the custom implant design specialist said: “For me, I look at this as being an art form.

“With my implant design and body modifications, it’s much more about making myself exceptionally different from anyone else.

“I had my first latissimus procedure about two years ago and I was the first person in the world to ever embark on an augmentation to their back.

“I conceptualised the surgery. I designed the implants. Everything healed well, it just ended up being a little bit big.

“I’m having a revision on my latissimus implants. Those are the wings on your back and I'm having one of my teres implants moved just for symmetry.  I’m also having one on my forehead vein cut, tied off and bladed."

All Justin's procedure includes chest, back, cheek, buttock implants along with four shoulder surgeries, three bicep surgeries, various lipo surgeries, five nose surgeries, and an eyebrow lift.

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