Bobrisky Blasts OAP Freeze On Instagram, Calls Him A Stupid He-Goat

Bobrisky and Daddy Freeze are at war again and this time, Bobrisky is the one starting it.

The reason for the attack is yet unknown, but Bobrisky sure took to Instagram to call the OAP a Goat who is always trying so hard to get his attention. Read his post on Instagram below...
''Daddy wat do people cal u fat nose. Dis is ur third time u are always trying hard to get my attention. But thank ur God u finally got it today. If u are not the most stupid he goat  in Nigeria, den u should be among d top 20. I don’t know u and I don’t think I wanna know u. Pls let my name rest in dis ur small mouth ? that look like Pussy going through monthly period. At least people know me as a bleaching experts oga wat are u ? Blogger or wat. Pls stay away from Bobrisky. I don’t give a damn fuck about all dis people that call themselves a celebrity. That is y I stay on my lane without doing any eye services to anyone. Pls becareful sir. Thanks

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