''Biafra Is A Spirit, You Can't Kill It With Guns'' - Dr. Chris Okafor

The General Overseer of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries a.k.a Liberation City has broken his silence over the on going Biafra agitation in the South East of Nigeria and the military exercise code named “Python Dance 2” or “Egwu Eke 2”. The renowned man of God who is today regarded as one of Africa’s most accurate and revered prophets is known to always bare his mind whenever he senses a leading of the Holy Spirit. He spoke from the headquarters of his thriving ministry in the Ojodu area of Lagos.

At the grande finale of an annual worldwide program of the church known as “Not My Head, Not My Blood” on Sunday, October the 1st, 2017, the man of God felicitated with Nigeria on her Independence Day Celebration and prayed for Peace and Unity. But he warned that no one ever achieves lasting peace and unity through the barrels of the gun.

On the on going Operation “Egwu Eke 2” in the South East of Nigeria, the fiery man of God known always for his unrivaled prophetic accuracy and point blankness on national issues declared that it’s unfair for the Nigerian government to deploy the full weight of the military in the manner they did, to quell the secessionist agitations of the IPOB members and in fact the people of that region. According to Dr. Okafor “our Government needs to learn how to resolve issues with dialogue. No amount of time or resources expended towards dialogue is a waste. This is not 1967. Anybody who thinks that they can kill an agitation like Biafra with force is truly living in fools’ paradise. It can never happen! Biafra is a spirit. Wasn’t it Ojukwu who started it? He’s gone but Biafra is still here. You can’t kill a spirit with guns and arrows, not even with a nuclear bomb. If Ojukwu’s exit did not kill the agitation, how can any human being think or believe that Nnamdi Kanu’s exit will kill the agitation. As a matter of fact, more people have now joined the agitation and mark my words, worst people than Nnamdi Kanu will soon emerge-they are already there and nobody knows how peaceful those ones will be. We should behave like a 21st century constitutional entity and stop using force to do everything. Dialogue is the only way out and the Government of the day must take advantage now!” he declared.

Continuing he said “for instance, when I heard that ipob was proscribed, classified as a terrorist organization, I had a big gasp. What terrorist organization?! They were duly registered, they haven’t beheaded anybody, they haven’t gone about killing people everywhere, they are known largely as a peaceful movement. I couldn’t just reconcile that proscription with what all of us have known ipob to be over the years. These kinds of things are the reason there are agitations in the first place. Today we have the Kurds in Iraq pushing for referendum, the English speaking area of cameroun pushing as well, the Catalonians, etc. Nigeria is not the only place where people have ever agitated or are agitating for self rule. It’s going on all over the world. Non of those organizations that are leading the agitations have been labeled terrorist organizations. Even the United States, the European Union, etc have also been shocked by this bizarre proscription. What is wrong with us? I think they should start talks immediately for Restructuring and Referendum if possible to lay all these to rest before it is too late.”

Going further he says, “i’m in no way advocating for the dismemberment of Nigeria and everyone who knows me knows my position on that, but I repeat, if Nigeria does not put its acts together, this thing will blow up in her face and no amount of force can stop the outcome.

According to the man of God “I see a situation where there was an escalation and there was bloodshed everywhere. I’m talking about the kind of bloodshed that even the Government couldn’t handle and everyone was involved. It’s going to be a nationwide thing, not just for the people in the South East or South South. See, i’m not a prophet of doom, but when God speaks, we must speak out also, no matter how people feel about it. I see a very black day for Nigeria if the government doesn’t immediately arrest this ugly situation that has led to agitations here and there. And I hope those concerned are listening.”

In closing, the fiery preacher declared, “let us keep praying for the country, because if we don’t pray, we will all share from what is to come. We must pray in particular that God should give our leaders the wisdom to steer the ship of State in the right direction. Wisdom, the bible says, is profitable to direct.”

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