Video: French Montana Accuses Akon Of Presenting A Fake Wristwatch For His Birthday

French Montana has accused his friend and fellow industry colleague, Akon, of gifting him a fake wristwatch on his birthday some years back.

The Moroccan-American rapper made the accusation during an interview with DJ Funk Flex, while speaking about signing with Akon's label for six months 10 years ago.

The watch story started after Flex brought it up saying “We can’t tell the watch story, don’t tell it now,” which forced French to weigh into it.

“Oh, Stop!” French said, as he laughed so hard. “Shouts to Akon, he gave me a fake watch for my birthday, I’m heated,” he said, laughing again. He continued: “I’m still waiting for my other watch Akon,” French said.

 “Akon I need you to fix this up,” Flex added. “Keep it a buck. Listen, we gonna go on the ‘gram, we gon’ tell fake watch busters to leave you alone, they not gonna post this up. But, we gotta clear this up.” 

As French laughed, he continued with the story, “It was my birthday too,” he said. “He was like, ‘Close your eyes, I got a present for you,’” French recalled. “Then he put a fake watch on my wrist, I’m heated.” 

When Flex asked if French knew the watch was fake at the time,  the rapper said:  “Nah, I didn’t know it was fake,” he said.

Watch the interview below...

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