Transgender R*pist Transferred To Women’s Prison With Penis Accused Of Sexually Harassing Female Inmates

A double rapist who was transferred to a women’s prison after he had a £10,000 sex change operation behind bars, has been put in n isolation cell for sexually harassing female inmates.

Martin Ponting, 50, a father-of-three, became Jessica Winfield in jail after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1995 for raping young girls.

The double rapist who still has his penis was moved to a women’s prison in Surrey, England in March after he underwent breast implants surgery, courtesy of England’s National Health Service (NHS).

According to reports, she was placed in an isolation cell last week after making inappropriate sexual advances towards her fellow female inmates.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “It beggars belief why a convicted double rapist like Jessica is allowed to mix with females despite still having [his] penis intact.”

The source added, “Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a double rapist in a women’s jail was bonkers. He is a proven predator and his mentality will never change, no matter which gender he is. He should never have been put in a women’s prison, he belongs in a male prison.”

Winfield’s ex-wife Sharleen Ponting, 45, said she is not surprised by her ex-husband’s behavior at Bronzefield. “This was inevitable. I knew it would happen,” she said.

The Ministry of Justice and prison officials are now contemplating whether to allow Winfield to rejoin the women’s population after a week in isolation or transfer him back to the Whitemore men’s prison in March, England.

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