See The Identity Of School Boy Who Stabbed His Classmate To Death For Refusing To Give Him 'Biscuits'

A school teenager who stabbed his classmate to death in 2015 for refusing to give him 'biscuit' has been identified as Daniel Stroud.

Daniel Stroud from Aberdeen, Scotland whose identity was hidden for nearly two years due to reporting restrictions was uncovered on Tuesday, the same day he turned 18.

The 18-year-old who celebrated his birthday behind bars is said to have stabbed his schoolmate Bailey, 16 through the heart in a row about biscuits in the corridor of Cults Academy, Aberdeen.

During his murder trial in 2016, the part-time McDonald’s worker said he was constantly teased about being fat and took weapons to school to try and impress the other kids.

In an interview with cops played to the jury, he said: “I never fitted in. I was just trying to be cool.”

During the interview, filmed hours after Bailey was killed, Stroud burst into tears as he spoke about family problems. He revealed how he contacted his parents and told them he loved them as he waited for cops to come and take him from him the school.

Bailey and Stroud reportedly clashed during their lunch break at the top state school in October 2015. 

Friends said Bailey, who dreamed of becoming a marine, refused to give Stroud a biscuit. And the pair squared up when someone called Bailey’s mum Kate “fat”.

SUN Online reports that moments later, Stroud stabbed Bailey with an eight-inch pen knife and he collapsed moments later in front of horrified teachers and kids. Experts said Bailey was doomed because his injuries were so severe.

Daniel Stroud was later handed a nine-year jail sentence for killing Bailey and carrying weapons in school.

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