Puerto Rico Set To Be Hit By What Has Been Described As A Very Powerful Hurricane

Ricardo Rossell├│, governor of Puerto Rico, has declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard in preparation for terrible storm set to hit the Island. The storm, packing winds of 185 miles (300 kilometers) per hour, is considered potentially catastrophic for this island of 3.5 million US citizens. 

Strong winds expected can level wooden frame homes, topple trees and knock out power, while heavy rain can cause mudslides and other potentially catastrophic damage.
Governor Rossello has also ordered shelters opened, urging residents to pay attention to those in need of special help, especially senior citizens.
“We are hoping for the best but of course preparing for the worst. This is a category 5 hurricane unlike has never been seen before, so although we hope that the trajectory continues up northwards, we are preparing for the worst. Keeping people safe is our main objective.”
“Flooding is a main concern. We just saw with Harvey how the main cause of death was essentially flooding ... The second area of concern is wind. Category five winds are really aggressive, it is essentially the speed of an airplane taking off. These are very strong winds that we are talking about, something that we have never experienced here in Puerto Rico.”

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