Nigerian NFL Player, Osi Umenyiora Says Donald Trump Is The One 'Disrespecting The US Flag'

Nigerian born Two-time Super Bowl winner, Osi Umenyiora has reacted to the curent NFL protests saying President Donald Trump is the one 'disrespecting the US flag'.

Osi, who is a younger brother to Billionaire businessman, Dilly Umenyiora spoke to BBC Sport saying, 'this has been eating away at my insides like a parasite and I have to get it out. I was an immigrant to America and I loved that country. I would lay my life down for that country'.

The former New York Giants player continued to say, 'you have a group of people, African American men, looking at the racial injustices, and they said we're rich but the situation for most African Americans is untenable and they said the status quo is untennable for us. We want to do something about it. And guess what happens? They get the finger pointed at them. You're the bad guy, you disrespected our flag and our heritage. But no Mr. Trump, you're disrespecting the flag and your heritage, because that is your heritage. The country was born out of protest so how can they be disrespecting our heritage'.

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