Herdsman Arrested For Beheading His Friend Over Missing Cow In Kebbi

A 23-year-old herdsman identified as Umar Muhammad has been arrested by the police in Kebbi state for allegedly beheading his friend, 22-year-old Mustapha Suleiman, in a dispute over a missing cow.

According to reports, the deceased had invited his friend to help him tend to some cows given to him to manage by a relative. He planned to tend to the goats the same relative had given to him.

Last week Thursday, Suleiman discovered that Umar had sold one of the cows he left in his care. An argument ensued and Suleiman threatened to report Umar to the owner as this was not the first time he would be carrying out such an act.

Umar was angry that his friend threatened to report him and he trailed him to an uncompleted building along Kalgo road where they usually relaxed and attacked him with an axe last Friday, September 22nd. He beheaded his friend and then buried the head. He left the place and returned home. When he was asked where Suleiman was, he said he did not know. Suleiman's family members began to search for him and discovered his decomposing body in the uncompleted building. They alerted the police who apprehended Umar. After much prodding, Umar confessed to killing his friend. He later led the police and others to the place where he buried the head of the deceased. s

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