World’s Dumbest Robber Falls Asleep At Crime Scene After Tying Up His Victim & Demanding £60 At Gunpoint

A young man accused of tying his roommate up at gunpoint before stealing £60 from him met his waterloo after he fell at sleep at the crime scene.

20-year-old Kanyoni Sedekiya was arrested by the Abilene Police on Friday after the robbery incident in West Texas.

A police statement says the suspect was armed with a gun at his apartment complex early Friday when he argued with his roommate, whom he bound as he demanded money from him.

According to the authorities, Sedekiya then fell asleep. His roommate who managed to get free around 4 a.m., slip to a neighbor’s apartment and summon police as Sedekiya was sleeping. 

When officers arrived, they discovered the suspect was asleep on the sofa with a gun in his lap. They knocked on the door, only for Sedekiya to turn off the lights and refuse to open up

Sedekiya eventually surrendered and has been locked up at the Taylor County Jail with a $60,000 bond.

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