VIDEO: Woman Caught On Camera Stealing Drinks From A Liquor Store

A full-figured woman was caught on camera stealing multiple bottles of liquor from a Liquor store in Shreveport, Louisiana on August 18.

The surveillance video which was released on Tuesday captures the full-figured woman stealing several bottles of alcohol and putting them inside her bags, her panties and bra at the Thrifty Liquor, in Shreveport.

From the look of things, the woman had two other accomplices who aided her in carrying out the operation successfully.

After the viral video was watched by over 20 million people and shared over three-hundred thousand times, the woman was identified as Sekonie Jones by Facebook friends who recognized her and called her out to turn herself in. 

On Thursday, Sekonie Jones was taken into custody and has been charged with misdemeanor theft.

Watch the video below...

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