There Are Bunch Of Angry & Bitter Women Walking Through Life & Blaming It On Men -Toke Makinwa

In her new VLog, Toke said that she doesn't like to use the word Feminist because some women have abused the word. According to her, there are a bunch of angry and bitter women who walk through life blaming it on men.

She said men are not the enemies of women and so women should not paint a picture that portrays men as such. She said this in reaction to a comment someone made about her previous vlog where she said that hairnets need to be burnt and that men are not supposed to see the hair nets of women.
"Someone went as far as saying you are not a feminist because you said hair nets should be burnt because of guys. So being a feminist means that you should try and please your man. This is why I don't use the word feminist because there are a bunch of angry and bitter women walking through life, angry at everything and begin to blame it on a man. Being a feminist doesn't mean that men are our enemies. We are talking about gender equality. Your guy would certainly want to do some things that would please you so why can't you do the same"she said

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