So Sad: 4-month-old Girl Found Dead in SUV After Her Grandmother Thought She Had Dropped Her Off At Daycare

The Oklahoma County sheriff's office confirms that A 4-month-old girl was found dead after she was left inside an SUV for most of the day, said.

The child's grandmother thought she dropped the girl at a daycare in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area on her way to work on Friday morning so she went to pick up her granddaughter about 5 p.m. prompting daycare workers to look for the child inside the facility.

They couldn't find her and later discovered the deceased in a car seat inside her grandmother's SUV.

Mark Opgrande, a spokesman with the Oklahoma County sheriff's office. said, 'she apparently thought that she dropped off the child this morning, which she had not. The girl was in the car while her grandmother was at her place of work in Oklahoma City the entire day'.

Authorities were still investigating the case evening and no charges had been filed.

According to the safety organization Kids and Cars, on an average, 37 children die each year in the United States after being left in a car.

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