Prince Harry Made A Great Sacrifice For His Brother Prince William When He Proposed To Kate Middleton

Prince William and Prince Harry suffered a real tragedy when they lost their mother at a young age. This reportedly brought them closer and they've stayed close through the years.

When Prince William wanted to propose to Kate Middleton, Prince Harry reportedly made a great sacrifice for his brother by giving him their mother's diamond engagement ring to give to Kate. 

Prince Harry got the ring after their mother died in 1997 when the boys were taken to choose a "keepsake" among their mother's personal belongings. Prince William chose his mother's Cartier watch, and Harry picked her sapphire and diamond engagement ring. He sacrificed the ring for his brother in 2010 when it was time to propose Kate.

A source close to the Royals told Daily Star: "They had an agreement that whoever got engaged first would have Diana’s ring – and of course that was William and Kate."

There are rumours that when Harry chooses to propose to girlfriend Meghan Markle, he will choose one of Diana's tiaras to make into an engagement ring, presumably by taking out a jewel or two. It is unclear whether this will ever come to pass considering that tiaras are generally the property of the Royals and not Diana's personal jewellery.

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