Mum Gives Son Her Kidney After Horror Crash Left Him In Urgent Need Of A New One

A British mom was quick to her son's rescue after a horror crash left him in urgent need of a new kidney.

22-year-old Calvin Ford from Blaydon-on-Tyne was almost killed when the car he was travelling in was forced off the road and plunged 30 foot down a cliff at Tamborine Mountain in Australia in 2015.

Calvin had left the UK to spend a year in Australia, but just days before he was due to fly back home, the trip took a devastating turn. He was in the backseat when the red car he was travelling in careered over a ridge, causing his seat belt to tear through his stomach.

The young man spent a month in the hospital, during which he lost his appendix, underwent reconstructive bowel surgery and had a litre of blood pumped from his stomach.

But after he returned home, Calvin learned that his life was in danger once again as he urgently needed a kidney transplant.

He told Chronicle Live: "When I went to Australia my kidneys were functioning at 31 per cent, and in the years leading up to the crash it had been decreasing by about one per cent a year.

"When I came back just over a year later it had gone down to 13 per cent.

My kidneys were fragile and the crash put so much stress on them they just buckled.”

Calvin recalled: “I got out of the car, took three steps and just felt my insides shift.

“I just fell to the floor and started crying. I remember saying, ‘I don’t want to die’.

“I can’t put the pain into words, it was just horrible.”

According to reports, as a child, Calvin had kidney disease as a result of a urine infection and was expected to need a transplant around the age of 40.

Following the critical impact of the crash on his body, he needed the operation sooner which was a matter of life or death.

Surprisingly, it was Calvin's mum, Denise who saved him when volunteered to give him the lifesaving gift, after she turned out to be a blood and tissue match for his kidney transplant 

The duo went under the knife on July 28, 2017, at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.

Calvin recalled: "After the surgery, my mum was supposed to come and see me, but she wasn’t well enough so they rolled me in to see her four days after the operation.

“It was pretty emotional, and horrible seeing her in that state. But she’s doing much better now and I’m so grateful to her.

"She’s the best mother anyone could ask for.”

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