I Missed One Penalty & Chelsea Fans Are Already Killing Me - Chelsea's Striker, Alvaro Morata Says

Chelsea record signing, Alvaro Morata has admitted he's under pressure following his  £70.6million move to Stamford Bridge from Real Madrid.

The 24-year-old Spanish striker was faced with criticism when a missed a penalty in the Community Shield against Arsenal. 

When in an interview with Marca if the price-tag was weighing on him, Morata replied: 'I admit it's a very big amount, but I have the personality to play quietly and go my way. 

'I have had only two pre-season games, 15 competitive minutes and a missed penalty... and they're already killing me, so I know what's ahead.

'It is the price that must be paid for such a large transfer. And it's something that motivates me and makes me work harder every day. I know twice as many people are paying attention to me.'

Morata who's not going to let the fans criticism come in between him also revealed that he will repay them with more than 20 goals in the new Premier League season.

'I want to score more than 20. It's my job. But it is not an obsession for me ahead of winning titles for the team. For example, when I was with Juventus I did not score more than 20 goals.

'But I won all the titles except for the Champions League. I have scored 15 or 16 goals and won titles. And other strikes have scored 35 and not won anything.'

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