I Can't Exercise Because Of My Gigantic B**bs - Actress Sofia Vegara Says

Speaking to Women's Health magazine, the 45 year old mother of one said working out is absolute torture to her because of her massive boobs but she manages to work out with a trainer three or four times a week. She said;
“I wish I could be a little more athletic, but when you’re born with these gigantic boobs. I’ve had them since I was 13, and then they got bigger when I was pregnant and had the baby.”
“I’m in a bad mood two hours before, I’m in a bad mood while I’m doing it, I’m in a bad mood at the end because I have to schedule the next class.
“I don’t know if I’m strong. I have bad knees and very thin bones; I can barely do a pushup,” claimed Vergara.
The curvy actress said she has never been too concerned with her figure and muscle definition.
“It’s not about having muscle or cut abs. I don’t have abs,” said the star, because I’ve never felt that “I need to be like a fit model with a perfect body. That would take too much effort!”

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