Britney Spears Set To Change Her Will So Her Sons Can't Inherit Her Fortune Till They Are 35

Singer Britney Spears has filed legal documents asking for permission to change her will so her sons can't inherit her entire fortune until they are 35.

The change is in order to protect her sons because she believes it would be a bad idea for them to inherit so much money at just 18. To make the changes, Britney has to go to court because her father has conservatorship over her assets. Britney's father and her attorney Andrew Wallet have had control of her assets and all her finances since her very public meltdown in 2007 before her sons, Sean,11, and Jayden,10, were born.

Britney's will, which was drafted before she gave birth to her sons during her marriage to dancer Kevin Federline, currently states that the boys will inherit her entire estate if she dies. Britney feels it wouldn't be a good idea for them to get the lump sum at once and she intends to change it so that they would receive some access when they are 18 and then some more when they are 25 and then again when they reach 35.

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