21-Year-Old Mum Whose Child Was Found Abandoned In A Bush, Says She Didn't Want To Be A Mother & Doesn't Want To See Her Baby Girl

A mother, whose child was found abandoned in a bush near a Houston apartment last week, has told prosecutors she didn't want to be a mother and doesn't want to see her child.

Sidney Woytasczyk, 21, is charged with child abandonment after her baby was found crying in a bush and covered in ants. Prosecutors say she gave birth to the child in her kitchen, cut the cord and left it exposed to the elements in a flowerbed to stop her oblivious boyfriend from being scared away.

Luckily, a passerby spotted the baby and called the cops. When officers arrived, they followed the blood trail and it led them to the child's mother's house and she was arrested. During the 21-year-old's second court appearance, at Harris County, on Wednesday she told investigators she did not want to be a mother and did not want to see her baby.  

The baby is currently in the ICU and being treated for a bacterial infection after Sidney ripped the placenta in two. The new mother is alleged to have torn off the umbilical cord, rather than cut it, and not clamped it - which could have led to the baby bleeding to death after she left her in the bush. The baby could be at risk of developing meningitis.

Sidney later told police she had panicked after giving birth because she didn't know she was pregnant. She claimed she felt the baby girl turn in her womb before it dropped out onto the kitchen floor. She admitted quickly cutting the umbilical cord then taking the naked baby to the bush where she abandoned her without covering her up. Afterwards, she went home, cleaned up and went to sleep.

Prosecutors said she was worried that having a child might affect her relationship with her boyfriend Deandre Skillern. Meanwhile, Deandre Skillern had no idea Sidney was even pregnant with his child and he has not been charged in connection with the case. When he found out after the baby was discovered in the bush, he indicated interest in keeping the baby. He has now taken a DNA test to prove he is the father, and is contesting Sidney's mother for custody of the child. Custody will be decided by a judge. For now, the baby is with Child Protection Services. 

Prosecutors asked for bail to be set at $40,000 but Sidney's lawyer asked for it to be reduced, saying that she is a student who works retail and lives with her mom. Bail was finally set at $20,000, with the judge citing concern over Sidney's mental health as a factor.

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