See The Mature Respond A Little Boy Gave To A Passenger Who Said His Autistic Sister Should Not Be Allowed On Plane To Disneyland

A protective brother had the best response for a female passenger who said his autistic sister should not be allowed to fly because she would disrupt other passengers. 

The Smith family - mother, daughter, and son - had been travelling to Disneyland in Paris for half term but their journey took on a sad turn as a passenger sitting in front of them turned when the flight had landed and told them they should not travel again because it is "disruptive for other people".

The mum, Michelle claims the woman was referring to her autistic daughter Sienna but before she could think of an adequate reply, the girl's protective elder brother already had one.

Kai Smith, the 10-year-old brother of Sienna, 5, faced the female passenger squarely and asked her "could you imagine if I discriminated against you just because you're different?" This response adequately shut the passenger up.

As well as autism, Sienna also has a condition called idic15, meaning that she has an extra chromosome. This can cause delays in language development and motor skills. Since the incident, Kai has been inspired to support his sister even further by organising a large-scale bike ride after hearing his sister's school needed a new bus. The brave boy revealed that his sister is "very important" to him.

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