Young Lady Sentenced To Death For Getting R*ped At Gunpoint In Pakistan

A 21-year-old Tennis star has been banished by the organisers of the French Open after he repeatedly kisses a female reporter during a post-match interview on Monday.
Maxime Hamou, a French tennis player had just been knocked out by Uruguay's Pablo Cuevas in the first round of the competition when he grabbed broadcast reporter Maly Thoams around the neck, shoulders, and was repeatedly seen forcing his lips on the reporter despite her efforts to pull away.
The shocking incident which was A 19-year-old woman has been sentenced to death by stoning for being raped by her cousin at gunpoint. The woman said she was sleeping at her family home in Rajanpur, in the country's central Punjab province, when her cousin attacked her.

She reported the crime to the local tribal court called panchayat but she was told she intentionally seduced her cousin.

The panchayat, which included the alleged rapist's father, then found her guilty of adultery and declared her an adulteress. She was sentenced to death by stoning or to be sold off, according to the Hindustan Times. The council at the tribal court also decided that the alleged rapist was to walk free.

The convicted woman and her father went to the police the day following the trial and the police have now launched an official investigation and issued an arrest warrant for the members of the tribal council. Another warrant has also been issued for the alleged rapist. The convicted woman has been taken to a refuge away from the village for her on Eurosport show Avantage Leconte has seen many social media users criticized him for his action.

French politician, Cécile Duflot blasted the young tennis star on Twitter saying she would have punched him after the incident off air.
“He kisses her by force, she tries to get away, he holds her by the neck and everyone… laughs #tired. If I hadn’t been live on air, I would have punched him.”
The French Tennis Federation (FTT) today banished him from the French Open and ordered an investigation into the "reprehensible behavior" of the young Tennis star.

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