Part Of Being A Man Is Blamelessly Taking Responsibility For The Consequences Of Our Choices - Faze

Singer, Faze on Sunday shared advice on how men should walk way from situations they can no longer cope with, especially involving women they've once claimed to love. According to him;
"Every woman was created by God to be different from men. It's wise you cope with her attitude, try to adjust. But in a situation where you can't cope its better to walk away and find your perfect match if you feel she's not the one for you. You most likely walked up to her and told her you wanted to be with her to start a relationship or start a family with her. Based on understanding which I believe led to love, you've seen her good and bad sides before you decided to make it official. That means you where ready to take some level of difficulty coming from her. Part of being a man is blamelessly taking responsibility for the consequences of our choices."

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