Virgin Mary Statue Weep Blood In Argentina (Video/Photos)

Worshippers from Argentina's Los Naranjos have shocked many by claiming that a statue of the Virgin Mary was 'weeping blood'.

The seemingly bewildered worshippers sensationally claimed that they saw red liquid leaking from the holy statue's eyes.

However, Church officials are not yet convinced that what these faithfuls saw was true. They are reportedly keeping eyes on the statue to see for themselves if it is true or not.

Snapshots of the statue in question indeed show what looks like blood flowing onto the Virgin Mary's clothes.

The statue has since been moved to the local Catholic Church, going by the latest reports, even as the worshippers insist it is a miracle.

"Many people come here to pray and light several candles devoted to the Virgin. And the first impression is that it is blood on the face of the Virgin, from the left eye," says Father Ricardo Quiroga, adding that the dress she is wearing is also totally stained with the same red liquid.

Even more confusing, the owner of the statue has reportedly claimed that the 'Virgin Mary' paid him a visit in his dreams, just before the incident.

"It was the first time something like this has happened and I was very scared. I thought it was some kind of punishment," says the unnamed statue's owner.

Father Ricardo has instructed the faithfuls that if 'she' cries again, then they will have to do something at a high level in the church.

'Maybe we would need to send her to be evaluated. The Virgin is asking us to change the way we live now for Lent," says Father Ricardo.

For the time being, everyone is waiting to see the Virgin cry again, just to be sure this was not a crude and ungodly joke.

Watch the video below....

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