Man Arrested After Trying To Drive Into Crowd In Antwerp, Belgium, Weapons Found In His Car

The terror level in Belgium has been raised after a Frenchman of Tunisian origin attempted to drive towards crowd in Antwerp, northern Belgium, while in possession of a rifle and bladed weapons. 

Police have arrested the suspect identified 39-year-old Mohammed R

He drove the car registered in France, at high speed towards crowds at the popular de Meir shopping street forcing passersby to jump out of the way. Soldiers on patrol attempted to stop the car but it ran a red light and sped off, before coming to a halt. No one was injured.
Confirming the arrest, the prosecutor said the driver was born in 1977, and lived in France. His car had French registration plates.
The Belgian prosecutor said police found weapons inside the car, including a rifle, bladed knives, a riot gun and a canister containing an unknown substance which bomb disposal are currently examining.

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